Uncultured confrontation with critics marks end of culture and information minister’s mandate

October 31, 2020

Vladan Vukosavljević, Serbia’s former minister of culture and information, used the final days of his term for a public showdown with everyone who criticised his ministry’s shameful reaction to masked hooligans intruding on an exhibition of caricatures.

In one statement, the Ministry succeeded in directing criticism against the hooligans who tore down and scattered the exhibited caricatures, but was much more critical of the exhibition and its authors, prompting a barrage of outrage from a section of the public.

This was followed by a series of reactions to those criticisms in the form of unsigned statements of offensive vocabulary on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Information. At the end of this confrontation with critics that’s unprecedented, the former minister wrote, in the same style, a long‚open letter to weeklies NIN and Vreme, in which he insulted both magazines and their journalists.