TV N1 journalists receive death threats, while government representatives refuse to answer their questions

March 4, 2024

Comments including “We know where you live and what cars you drive” and “we will kill you all soon” were posted in the comments section beneath an article published on the portal of Television N1, which is one of the few media outlets in Serbia not under the control of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

N1 Programme Director Igor Božić stressed that journalists of this media house have received threatening comments on many previous occasions, but that this one is specific because the person issuing the threat claimed to know where the journalists live.

Government representatives continue to attack or renounce TV N1’s work on an almost daily basis. Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Šapić both refused to answer the questions of N1 journalists, announcing that they would continue to do so in the future. In response, United Media, which owns TV N1, mounted a protest in which it pointed out that, with their refusals, the prime minister and mayor are violating the Law on Public Information and Media.