TV N1 files criminal charge against Belgrade’s deputy mayor for publishing an email

June 30, 2019

Lawyers of television company N1 have submitted a criminal complaint to the Higher Public Prosecution Office in Belgrade’s Department for Combatting High-Tech Crime against Deputy Belgrade Mayor Goran Vesić, who they accuse of having committed the criminal act of violating the confidentiality of letters and other shipments.

Vesić stated at a recent press conference that he was in possession of electronic correspondences between N1 journalists and that he would publish them, after which he posted on his Facebook page part of the contents of an electronic message that the N1’s executive producer sent to journalists of this TV company on 16th June.

The executive producer’s electronic message contained a detailed plan for the work of N1 journalists for 17th June, which included, among other things, a warning that the contents of the message are confidential and should not be further transmitted, used or revealed to others.

The Deputy Belgrade Mayor responded in kind by filing a criminal complaint against several individuals for false reporting. The complaint filed names, among others, N1 director of programming Jugoslav Ćosić, lawyers of this television company, as well as Aleksandra Subotić, the head of United Group, which is the company that owns N1.

Vesić stated that the criminal charges filed against him for violating the confidentiality of correspondences were “completely unfounded”, and that the publishing of the charges on N1 television “represents a classic example of the abuse of journalists and public media for private