Photo: Cenzolovka

Three months after sentencing, a verdict has yet to be recorded for the arson attack on the home of journalist Milan Jovanović

June 16, 2023

Despite the Second Basic Court having sentenced defendants to prison terms upon the 20th March concluding of the retail for the firebombing of the house of journalist Milan Jovanović, according to information uncovered by Cenzolovka, that judgement has yet to be recorded.

The formal deadline for recording and delivering the judgement is 15 days after its initial publication. According to information officially received by Cenzolovka from the Second Basic Court, Judge Luka Pantelić sought an extension to the deadline that was subsequently approved by the court president. It is unknown when this extended deadline expires.

The December 2018 arson attack led, in March this year, to former Grocka Municipality president Dragoljub Simonović being sentenced to five years in prison, while Vladimir Mihailović was sentenced to four years, Igor Novaković received three and a half years and Aleksandar Marinković, as the direct perpetrator, was sentenced to a prison term of four and a half years.

The retrial, which lasted almost a year, came after the Court of Appeal’s December 2021 overturning of the first-instance verdict that was delivered in February of that same year and had also convicted the accused.