#SolidarnostiOvdeSada (SolidarityHereNow) Journalism stories (3): REVENGE (VIDEO)

March 25, 2019

Miroslav Jovanovic, one of the most well-known journalists from Kragujevac, was obligated by court ruling to pay his former publisher almost 1.500.000 RSD with interest included. All because of two texts from 2004 and a letter from a reader from 2007.

He has no money to pay this, which is why his house could be taken from him, or 2/3 of his pension. The verdict was signed by the president of the court council, who sued him for the letter from the reader in 2007.

Courageous, critical, responsible journalism has been declining for years, attacked from all sides – by the authorities, tycoons and criminals. Journalists are threatened on a daily basis, humiliated and insulted, and when that’s not enough they’re beaten or their homes are burned to the ground.

These are the stories of local media journalists who, despite everything, continue to struggle for their profession, for their dignity, but also for citizens to be informed about everything that’s of importance to their lives.

Photography, sound, editing: Marko Risović Journalists: Denis Kolundžija, Perica Gunjić

Production: Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation