Dinko Gruhonjic (photo: Media center Belgrade)

SNS-associated portal targets students and professors of Novi Sad Uni’s journalism department

February 17, 2022

Local portal NS Uživo (Novi Sad live), which is closely associated with the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), has announced a political supplement through which, according to their wording, they will “expose the octopus of the media mafia in Vojvodina”, with the first article in this feuilleton targeting the entire media department of the state college and dubbing it a recruitment centre for foreign agents.

In this unsigned article, Dinko Gruhonjić, a professor of this department and a journalist and correspondent of the Beta News Agency, is singled out as the “lord of media life and death”.

Beta condemned the media attacks and insults levelled against its longstanding correspondent, assessing the allegations and insults at Gruhonjić’s expense as being unacceptable, with the portal having accused Gruhonjić of being a foreign mercenary, thus calling into question his journalistic and academic expertise.

“Apart from the fact that such pamphlets are unacceptable, they are also very dangerous because they target the victim of the attack and turn him into an enemy in the minds of superficially informed people,” notes the statement issued by Beta.