Slow investigations of threats against presenters of shows critical of the government

September 16, 2019

Darko Mitrović, one of the presenters of popular show Mentalno razgibavanje [Mental Exertion], announced that he received two threats in the past two weeks via direct messages on Instagram, but that he has not received any feedback from the police regarding the reports that he submitted.

Mitrović told Cenzolovka that both messages had been sent to him by the same person with a hidden identity and that the messages contained threats such as “we’ll meet in darkness”.

After the first message, which he received on 29th August, he filed a report with the the Serbian Interior Ministry’s High-Tech Crime Division, along with certain information regarding the identity of the person who threatened him. When the threats were reiterated on 10th September, lawyers of company United Media, which owns the Nova S cable channel on which Mentalno Razgibavanje is broadcast, sought that the police make an addition to the report and to enquire about progress made on the investigation, but – according to Mitrović – nobody responded from the police.

Police sources told Censolovka that these threats are being “intensively investigated” and that they are searching for the person who issued them.

On the other hand, Mitrović’s colleagues – fellow TV presenters Marko Vidojković and Nenad Kulačin – are still awaiting the results of an investigation into threats they received at the end of June, in comments posted on the YouTube channel of their show “Good, Bad, Evil”.

As noted by Cenzolovka, investigations into these threats are made more difficult because Google, which was addressed by the Office of the Prosecutor for High-Tech Crime, refused to provide the Serbian prosecution service with the necessary subscriber information regarding a Youtube user who signs in as “Srdan Petrovic” and who told the presenters that he would “kill them when he comes to power” and that they are “heretics of the nation”.

Vidojković stated that it seems to him, after everything that’s happened, that the Prosecution considers that the two presenters deserve much worse than the aforementioned threats, due to what they say, and that prosecutors will possibly respond “when something much worse happens”.