Screenshot, TV Informer

Serbian President Vučić’s TV Informer guest appearance carried by 80 television stations

April 16, 2024

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić appeared as a guest of Informer Television, a TV channel founded by the eponymous tabloid newspaper, which is a propaganda gazette known for its campaigns against critics of the authorities and daily violations of the Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

His guest appearance was aired by 80 local and cable television stations in Serbia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro, thereby violating the Law on Public Information and Media, which guarantees political pluralism in the media and prohibits monopolistic coverage.

The violating of this Law compelled the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media to react. However, this body is under full government control and almost never responds to severe breaches of electronic media laws and rules.

It is noteworthy that President Vučić has the undivided support of all television stations that possess national broadcast licenses and report like the personal propaganda media of the Serbian President in their informative/news shows. His work is never criticised, while his critics are all regularly exposed to brutal campaigns.