Screenshot, TV Prva

Serbian President and Belgrade Mayor continue campaign against independent TV N1

January 31, 2024

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has responded to a question posed by Gordana Bjeletić, a journalist of independent Television N1, by accusing this media company of lying and running a campaign against him.

“You accuse me of being a thief, and don’t even allow me to answer,” said Vučić to this TV N1 reporter.

It is well known that President Vučić doesn’t want to make guest appearances on the country’s two independent cable television channels, despite N1 programme director Igor Božić having statement that he always has an open invitation. President Vučić makes guest appearances exclusively on the largest national television channels and the public service broadcaster, which are under his control.

Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Šapić has also refused to provide statements to journalists of independent television companies. He has said that he’s broken all communication with TV N1 and has no intention of restoring it.