Regulatory body fine with brutal insulting of journalist on popular national TV channel

November 30, 2020

Popular folk singer Aca Lukas, who rudely insulted N1 journalist Žaklina Tatalović in an extremely popular TV show, is free to continue insulting journalists on TV Pink, the highest rated commercial television channel in Serbia, as much as he wants – with the majority of members of the Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) ) and their expert service considering that such an insult in the Pink show “Hit tweet” was not in violation of the law.

REM Council members Slobodan Cvejić and Judita Popović refused to participate in the work of the Council session that brought such a decision. They demanded that a regular session be held – live – and not an extraordinary so-called telephone session at which no discussion was possible, but this proposal was not accepted.

Also rejected was the proposal of Višnja Aranđelović, another member of the Council, that proceedings be initiated against TV Pink because Željko Mitrović [TV Pink owner] uses the frequency to make confrontational statements against opposition politician Marinika Tepić.