Rape live on national television, no reaction from authorities

May 17, 2017

During early May, national television channel Happy’s reality programme Parovi (Couples) showed live sexual relations between two participants, with the girl, in a drunken state, constantly trying to reject the man.

Everything happened under bedcovers, while the scene was interrupted by shots from a party taking place in another part of the house where the participants are housed. The next day the female participant said she couldn’t remember anything and that she’d ended that night with a blood infusion, while the male participant in questions said that “the sex was great.

They both claimed immediately afterwards that nothing had happened and that they were acting, while the husband of the girl concerned announced from the outside world that he would be filing a lawsuit.

According to the report of Cenzolovka journalist Tamara Skrozza, the real question is how something like this could even happen and why there has been no reaction from the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM), which is responsible for ensuring the legality of acts depicted on television.

Notably, a rape attempt in the Couples swimming pool occurred a few months ago, which prompted the organisation Women Against Violence to file a lawsuit and lodge a complaint against REM.

REM, however, didn’t react even then, nor did it respond to several other cases of physical and verbal violence against women, which, says Skrozza, are commonplace in this show.

Photo: TV Hepi / Screenshot “Parovi”