Prosecution investigates Facebook page for running dirty campaign against journalists

April 15, 2019

After a smear campaign lasting several months that’s been led, amongst others, against anti-regime journalists, the Facebook page “Serbia our country” has finally become the subject of interest from the Special Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime in Belgrade.

According to Radio Free Europe, the prosecution announced that it will investigate the content published by Facebook page “Serbia our country”.

Over the past few months, this page has on multiple occasions targetted the former president of the Independent Society of Journalists of Vojvodina, Nedim Sejdinović, programme editor of the same association, Dinko Gruhonjić, editor in chief of agency Beta, Dragan Janjić, and the director of N1 Television, Jugoslav Ćosić.

Those targetted in these campaigns, along with their journalist colleagues, are particularly concerned about the death threats that appear in comments below posts and which are not deleted.

It isn’t known who is behind this Facebook page, but one of those smeared by this site, Dinko Gruhonjić, told daily newspaper Danas that he believes the state is behind the page.

Media speculation that the page is linked to America’s Breitbart News has so far not been proven. This speculation is supported by a link published on this Facebook page leading to, as well as the fact that the logo of this Facebook page resembles the logo of the American portal.

No content has been published on the website, while the only information known about the site is the date when it was registered – with all other data protected.