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Portal sentenced to pay fine for defaming journalist and writer

July 15, 2022

In response to defamation and violations of the right to privacy of Marko Vidojković and his wife Đurđija, the Objektiv portal has received a first-instance verdict from the Higher Court in Belgrade ordering it to pay compensation of 260,000 dinars for damages and mental anguish. Compensation of 400,000 dinars had been initially sought.

This well-known writer, satirist and journalist subsequently lodged an appeal against the verdict with the Court of Appeal, stating his wish not to settle for a smaller amount without a fight and his readiness to “go all the way to the end”.

Vidojković filed a lawsuit against the Objektiv portal a year ago, in response to a photograph and accompanying text published on 8th May 2021, in which he was dubbed a paedophile and his wife declared a victim of paedophilia. The article, which still remains available on the tabloid’s internet portal, served as a launchpad for one of the many monstrous witch-hunts and issuing of threats and insults on social media that Vidojković has been exposed to for years.

These witch-hunts, death threats and endangering of the safety of himself and his family compelled Vidojković to abandon Serbia and seek refuge in a secret place where he won’t have to live as though he’s in prison.