Popular singer insults N1 journalist for no reason during political show

November 15, 2020

Popular folk singer Aleksandar Vuksanović, aka Aca Lukas, was a guest on “Hit tweet”, a popular political talk show of TV Pink, during which he insulted TV N1 journalist Žaklina Tatalović in a shameful way, without any specific reason.

N1 and its journalists are often targeted by pro-government tabloids and broadcast media due to its critical reporting on the Serbian authorities and the embarrassing questions N1 poses to politicians. Proving that there are no limits to this targetting was the popular singer who insulted Tatalović in front of a TV audience exceeding a million viewers and in a live broadcast, on the basis of her physical appearance. The other two guests did not react to all that, while the show’s lady presenter barely managed to halt the volleys of insults.

Following turbulent public reactions, the singer apologised to the journalist a few days later, but she began receiving threats via social networks in the meantime.