Photo: Cenzolovka

Politician accused of ordering arson attack on journalist’s house continues to sue the portal that employs the journalist whose house was firebombed

October 16, 2019

Dragoljub Simonović, a former president of the Belgrade Municipality of Grocka and an official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, who is accused of ordering the arson attack on the house of journalist Milan Jovanović, has filed a 14th lawsuit against Žig Info portal editor Željko Matorčević, with the lawsuit filed on the same day last year when Matorčević was beaten up.

Simonović again filed the lawsuit for “the inflicting of mental anguish following the damaging of his reputation, honour and legal person”, and is seeking compensation of 300,000 dinars (2,500 euros), or a total 4.5 million dinars (around 38,000 euros) for all 14 lawsuits.

Žig Info is a local portal where – alongside Matorčević – Milan Jovanović also works. His house was set ablaze last December, with the trial of those charged with the crime still continuing. This portal has published numerous articles detailing scandals that include the involvement of Simonović.

Matorčević was physically assaulted by an unknown attacker on 9th October last year, with the attack leaving the journalist hospitalised and requiring surgery on his cheekbone.