Foto: journalist subjected to gruesome threats again

January 17, 2022

Pero Jovović, a journalist of the portal, received a large number of threats via social media during the New Year’s holidays, some of which included extremely bloodcurdling content.

Jovović said that he would again report these threats to the Special Prosecution Office for High Tech Crime, as he had done in December 2020 and October 2021 following a series of threats via social media. However, he says that he still doesn’t know how much progress has been made with those cases.

The journalist describes this latest round of threats as “a supplement to previous cases”, adding that they often write to tell him that a “list exists” and that he “hasn’t been forgotten”.

It was in October last year that tabloids launched a media witch-hunt against Jovović in response to a post he made on a private Facebook profile that contained emojis of the Kosovo flag, which resulted in the journalist receiving hateful messages that contained, among other things, wishes for him to experience a painful death.

Speaking for Cenzolovka, Jovović said that he is trying not to live with a sense of paranoia due to the threats that he’s received, but that he doesn’t feel comfortable.