Foto: journalist receives death threats

February 17, 2023

“You need to put a gun to your forehead and fire a bullet without an ounce of conscience,” wrote a person presenting themselves as @goran63030358 to journalist Pera Jovović on Twitter, adding that all members of the LGBT population “should be massacred publicly”.

According to Jovović, for the last two years he has been reporting the threats he receives to the Special Prosecution Office for High Tech Crime, but none of them have so far been brought to light.

“I was called by a woman from the prosecutor’s office who asked me for a statement. She said that they are working on previous cases – which means there’s still no progress on those from 2021,” said Jovović speaking for Cenzolovka.

Reporters Without Borders is seeking that Serbian authorities uncover and arrest the author of the threats and protect Jovović, while the Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation and the Journalists’ Association of Serbia have submitted the same demands to the prosecution and the police.