Photo: N1

New threats made against N1 journalist Jelena Zorić

January 16, 2021

The first days of 2021 saw TV N1 journalist Jelena Zorić threatened yet again, with the message she found in front of her door – reading “This will last until it’s over. There can be no escape from that” – linked to threats that she received a few days earlier during a conversation with the lawyer of the lead defendant in a case related to the production and sale of marijuana.

It was in front of the Special Court where the trial of the accused in the “Jovanjica” case is being held that the lawyer conveyed the messages of his client to the journalist, stating among other things that no one who has made a mistake about his client has faired well.

These statements made by the lawyer prompted TV N1 to submit a report to the disciplinary prosecutor of the Belgrade Bar Association.

Zorić, who was the most awarded journalist in Serbia last year, regularly reports on the “Jovanjica” case. The threats made against this journalist have led to TV N1 requesting that the police assess her safety.