Minister loses all four legal cases against research portal

September 16, 2019

Nenad Popović, Serbian Minister responsible for innovation, has lost all four of the legal cases that he launched against research portal KRIK – the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network.

Popović withdrew charges himself in three of the cases, while in the fourth instance his charge was dismissed.

The minister sued KRIK after the portal published articles containing information about his business affairs that has been disclosed in the so-called Paradise Papers.

The minister was seeking compensation of a million dinars (about 8,500 euros) in each of the cases for the mental anguish allegedly inflicted by KRIK’s investigation.

However, Popivić failed to appear in court even once to speak about the cases, mostly justifying his unavailability by insisting that he was busy on official trips to Russia. His failure to appear in court led to one of the cases being dismissed.