Minister files lawsuit against investigative portal KRIK

November 15, 2017

Following Belgrade-based investigative portal KRIK’s publishing of international research into business operations in offshore zones called “Paradise Documents”, Nenad Popović, Minister without Portfolio in the Serbian Government, announced that he would sue them.

KRIK reported that Popović had at least seven overseas companies, and that he was seeking to reorganise his fortune by establishing new companies.

According to KRIK’s claims, the agency that was supposed to implement his plans labeled him as a high-risk client, due to which he was unable to transfer some of his companies to offshore zones.

Popović stated that KRIK was publishing false information about him, the aim of which was to “discredit him as a politician and a holder of a state function”, and that the agency did not refuse him and he does not have offshore companies.

At KRIK they consider this an attack with which Popović “avoids explaining that which he has repeated several times – that he does not have offshore companies”.