Danijel Radic, KTV Zrenjanin

Local TV station owner fears for life after facing a series of attacks

November 1, 2023

Danijel Radić, owner of Zrenjanin-based KTV, claims that unknown assailants unscrewed his car wheels’ screws, thus imperilling his safety, just a day after his television station reported on the forum of the “ProGlas” initiative.

The “ProGlas” initiative was launched by public figures – academics, university professors, actors, directors, journalists and others – with the idea of calling on citizens of Serbia to vote in the elections on 17th December in the highest possible numbers.

KTV is known for its broadcasts featuring guest appearances from political opposition figures, while its owner – a former AP Vojvodina Assembly MP of the right-wing and nationalist Serbian Radical Party – says that he has long been subjected to various attacks, threats and pressure from criminals that he claims are connected to the local government.

Speaking for the Cenzolovka portal, Radić says that he was recently confronted while in a café by a group of men with poles and axes, and that he was recently stopped for alcohol and drug testing by five police cars. He adds that one policeman told him that it was no accident that he’d been pulled over.

The Association of Journalists of Serbia has called on the police to identify who loosened the screws on Radić’s car and to bring to justice the people who previously attacked him in a café.