Isidora Kovačević (photo: Podrinske)

Local newspaper editor threatened with expulsion from city of residence over comments about local police chief

December 28, 2023

Isidora Kovačević, editor-in-chief of Šabac-based newspaper Podrinske, received an insulting and threatening Instagram message ahead of the 17th December elections in the city, stating that she “should be peeling potatoes in prison” because of her statements about the local police chief and that, together with the city’s former mayor, she should be banished from her own city.

The threat was made a day after Kovačević provided a statement for national daily newspaper Danas regarding an article in which it was stated that Aleksandar Vilotijević, chief of the Police Administration of Šabac, had attended the final pre-election convention of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party in Šabac.

Speaking for Cenzolovka, Kovačević said that it is extremely difficult to work as a journalist in the local area, particularly if you are a woman and you don’t want to be silent.

Two years ago, a photo of her, alongside two other citizens, had been featured on “wanted” posters that were plastered all over the city and included the message “Wanted!” and branded her a “Media patron of thugs”. The trial of those accused of endangering her security is just beginning.