KRIK research portal receives global recognition for database of politicians’ assets

July 3, 2017

An online database of the real estate assets of Serbian politicians has brought the Network for Investigation Crime and Corruption (KRIK) the world “Data Journalism Award” in the category of open data, which is awarded by the “Global Editorial Network”.

The database contains property lists of all current government ministers, as well as politicians who were candidates in the April elections for the president of the republic – detailing what they formally own in terms of houses, apartments, cars and companies, as well as information on how they came into those possessions.

The based also contains data on their outstanding loans and infringements of the law, while everything is based on official documents collected from registries around the world.

The award for data-based journalism has been presented since 2012 in ten categories, which include, besides databases, the best investigation, best visualisation of data, best website and top application.

Among this year’s nominees in this category were the Washington Post, Spain’s ProPublica, Germany’s Spiegel and France’s Le Monde, among others.