Journalists attacked at inauguration file objection to Prosecution

December 17, 2017

Following the First Basic Prosecution Office in Belgrade’s dismissal of criminal charges for attacks on journalists during the inauguration of President Aleksandar Vučić on 31st May, the injured persons have filed an objection with the High Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This was announced after a meeting between the permanent working group for the security of journalists and Republic Public Prosecutor Zagorka Dolovac.

The working group comprises representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office and all relevant media and journalists’ associations.

At the meeting, however, apart from representatives of the Association of Journalists of Serbia, there were no representatives of other associations – the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, the Independent Journalists Association of Vojvodina, the Association of Independent Electronic Media and the Association of Online Media.

They previously conditioned their remaining in the working group precisely to the holding of a meeting with Zagorka Dolovac, with whom they wanted to discuss the reasons why criminal charges against those who attacked journalists during the inauguration were dropped.

However, as they say, Branko Stamenković, a permanent member of the Working Group from the ranks of the Prosecution Service, did not inform them that the meeting with Dolovac had been scheduled.