Mesto: Beograd Datum: 30.05.2017 Dogadjaj: POLITIKA - poslednja konferencija za novinare premijera Srbije Aleksandra Vuèiæa u ovom mandatu u Vili Mir Licnosti: Aleksandar Vuèiæ

Journalists’ associations call on prosecution to interview Vučić following statements on TV Pink

August 1, 2017

The Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia and the Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina have called on the competent prosecutor’s office to interview President Aleksandar Vučić, who stated during a guest appearance on pro-regime channel TV Pink that media associations received money to campaign against him following the demolitions of buildings in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Savamala.

Vučić said that some Western countries invested, via their funds, 35-40 million euros in the campaign against him, with the funds given to “media associations, fake investigative houses and political organisations that arranged protests” due to Savamala, where still unknown people used diggers to demolish several buildings during the night between 24th and 25th April last year.

These associations have called on the competent prosecutor’s office to seek from Vučić “more information about the criminal offense that caused panic and disorder”, while they have called on the president to tell the public “who received money from whom, at what time and in what amounts”.

Vučić later said that “they do not receive money directly for Savamala, but they write about Savamala and receive money for something else”, as well as adding that no sort of investigation is required because he will provide the associations with all information about that, which has not yet happened.

Photo: Aleksandar Djordjevic / FoNet