Journalists’ associations call on media and politicians to act responsibly during coronavirus epidemic

March 16, 2020

The Association of Journalists of Serbia, UNS, has called on politicians, the Ministry of Health and relevant authorities to provide full and complete information on cases of Covid-19 infections to journalists, while simultaneously protecting the sufferers’ identity and information that could make it possible to recognise sick people, while media outlets are expected to avoid sensationalism and speculation in their reporting.

The Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina is appealing to journalists and the media to report professionally on topics related to public health, while representatives of the authorities and political parties are being asked to behave responsibly and not mislead citizens with their public messages regarding the dangers of the Corona virus and public health, which they are also legally obliged to do.

Prior to the emergence of the first Covid-19 sufferer in Serbia, politicians and certain experts publicly mocked the significance of the disease, while pro-government tabloids undermined the actual effects and consequences of the disease, but that narrative has since changed following an increase in the number of infected citizens.