Journalists’ and media associations withdraw from commissions for co-funding media projects

May 15, 2018

The six largest media and journalists’ associations in Serbia have withdrawn in protest from the Ministry of Culture and Information’s commissions for the co-funding media projects.

The associations did this in response to the announced composition of the commissions in which, in their opinion, there is too much representation for little-known associations and those who present themselves as media experts.

Representatives of these associations said that they would not participate in the work of the commissions unless the composition changes, because concern exists that there could be abuse in the work of commissions for evaluating media projects.

Despite the fact that the largest associations have withdrawn from the work of the commissions, State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture and Information, Aleksandar Gajović, said that these commissions will continue implementing competitions.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information accepted, with regret, their decision, which is not primarily in the interests of the Serbian media. However, we are continuing, within the framework of the Law on Public Information and Media, and under our jurisdiction, without any difficulty, to implement these competitions,” said the State Secretary.