Photo: Perica Gunjic, Cenzolovka

Journalist whose home was firebombed still awaits justice two years on

December 15, 2020

A full two years after the house of local Žig Info portal journalist Milan Jovanović was set ablaze in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Vrčin, the trial of the accused is still not over. During the year and a half that the trial of the accused has lasted, more hearings have been cancelled than held, for various reasons.

“I have been waiting two years for the perpetrators to be punished for their misdeed. I lost everything, but the most painful thing for me is that my wife lost her health,” said Jovanović, speaking for Cenzolovka two years after he barely escape with his life from the burning house.

The lack of an epilogue to this trial and the postponing of justice for Milan and his wife “represents a missed chance for Serbia to send a clear message that this society has zero tolerance for violence against journalists and the media,” assessed the Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation.