Photo: Pančevo Si Ti

Journalist under police surveillance after funeral wreaths were placed in front of his home

September 30, 2022

The house of Slobodan Dukić, a retired journalist and contributor to the Pančevo-based portal, has been visited by police several times a day every day since the night of 20th September, when threatening funeral wreaths were placed beside his front gate.

As-yet-unknown perpetrators placed two funeral wreaths in front of the entrance to Dukić’s family estate during the night, prompting editors of the portal to inform the police and the prosecution service about the incident, in the belief that the wreaths represent a threat against this journalist.

Dukić himself believes that this warning message was sent in response to a media article in which he stated that an individual close to the head of the municipality of Kovin has a fake higher education diploma of the Novi Sad Business School.

The Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina, the Journalists’ Association of Serbia and the Safe Journalist network have all called on authorities to identify the perpetrators.