Higher Prosecution Office accepts complaints of injured journalists

January 8, 2018

Following the First Basic Prosecutor’s Office’s rejection of criminal charges filed for attacks against journalists during the inauguration of President Aleksandar Vučić on 31st May 2017, the Higher Public Prosecution Office accepted the complaints of those injured and returned the case to the First Basic Prosecutor’s Office for reconsideration.

The day of the presidential inauguration saw supporters of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party gather in front of the National Assembly in Belgrade to support Vučić. On this occasion, members of the party’s security team forcibly ejected several journalists and activists from the gathering, choking and shoving them.

Despite the fact that photos from the actual event, clearly showing the attackers, quickly went public, the investigation lasted for more than four months.

However, the First Basic Prosecutor’s Office assessed that there was no basis to further prosecute the attackers and that the “expulsion” of individual journalists prevented a much larger incident.