Has the State been placed in the function of a reality show?

September 19, 2017

Participant in the reality TV programme Zadruga (Cooperative), Zoran Marjanovic, was arrested shortly after leaving the show on suspicion of murdering his wife. The media speculate that Zeljko Mitrovic, owner of TV Pink, which broadcasts the show, knew about the arrest in advance and used it to boost the show audience ratings.

Jelena Marjanovic, a pop singer, was murdered in April last year, and her death has been one of the most common topics covered by the tabloids ever since.

Supporting the suspicions that Mitrovic knew Marjanovic was to be arrested is the fact is that even earlier, via tabloid and pro-government TV Happy, unofficial information was released claiming that Marjanović would be arrested on the reality show.

The police explained after the arrest that “prime evidence” had been found. TV Pink has since exploited the arrest to the max in media terms.

Asked why Marjanovic was able to be included in the reality show if he was under investigation, what new evidence was collected after more than a year, and whether they waited form him to enter the reality show, the police minister said that the police do not choose the timing of the arrests, because orders for that are issued by the prosecutor.

Photo: Screenshot Zadruga – Predstavljanje Zoran Marjanovic