Photo: Flickr, Bloomsberies

Guilty plea for threating Danas journalist with death via Instagram

October 2, 2023

Two months after Danas journalist Vojin Radovanović received death threats via Instagram, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for High-Tech Crime has concluded a plea deal with defendant L.B. that has yet to be confirmed or rejected by the court.

Speaking at a hearing, defendant L.B. admitted to imperilling the safety of newspaper journalist Vojin Radovanović by issuing a death threat, stating that the threatening message was sent to Radovanović due to a sense of revolt in response to Radovanović’s posts on the Instagram social networking service.

The death threats were made in the evening hours of 31st July, after Radovanović had shared text on his Instagram profile from the website of the Journalists’ Association of Serbia, UNS, stating “A month has passed since the attack against journalist Vojin Radovanović, and the police haven’t spoken to the proposed witness”.

It was in late June that Radovanović had been approached by an unknown assailant in a Belgrade café-bar, who invaded his personal space, grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him strongly, telling him that he “works for the mercenary Danas”.