Foto: Goran Necin, cc

Government forms group for media cooperation and devising media strategy

July 1, 2018

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has brought the formal decision to establish a Working Group for drafting the new media strategy, and the Coordination Group for Cooperation with the Media.

The working group will work on the drafting of the media strategy that will more closely define the media policies over the next five years. The group will comprise nine representatives of media outlets and journalists’ associations and eight representatives of the state.

The Coordination Group for Cooperation with the Media has been formed with the aim of working with the Dialogue Team that will comprise members of media and journalists’ associations, in order to improve relations with the media and solve open issues related to the media in Serbia.

The co-chairs of the Coordination Group are Suzana Vasiljevic, Media Advisor to the Serbian President, and Jelena Kovačević, Media Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister.