Female journalist is favourite target for disgusting insults

July 31, 2019

President of the Serbian Radical Party and Serbian MP Vojislav Šešelj used a session of the Serbian National Assembly to brutally insult journalist Snežana Čongradin, of daily Danas, over her article on the genocide committed in Srebrenica 24 years ago.

Despite the disgusting comments made about this Danas journalist, not a single MP found it appropriate to react. Apart from the editorial department of Danas, journalists’ associations and non-governmental organisations, condemnation of this performance also came from Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, who subsequently found herself the target of Šešelj’s insults.

The commissioner joined journalists’ associations and other organisations in also condemning the insults and the form of media lynching endured for three years by Darija Ranković, editor of Valjevo-based portal kolubarske.rs. The latest series of harsh insults directed against the editor of kolubarska.rs came from the recently launched ‘Valjevo Podval’ portal. During the past three years, even local leaders haven’t refrained from issuing insults, while the media companies involved in attacks against Ranković are partly financed by funds from the national budget.