European record holders for number of SLAPP lawsuits nominated and include former senior official of the Serbian police

January 31, 2024

The European CASE coalition, which fights SLAPP lawsuits, has launched a “competition” for the politicians and states that have amassed the most lawsuits against media companies.

Among the proposed nominees is also Dijana Hrkalović, a former high-ranking official of the Serbian Interior Ministry. The country’s media have connected her with both a dismissed former interior minister and the leaders of notorious criminal gangs. She has been accused of helping to get rid of evidence against criminals, but she today appears in the largest national media companies that are under state control.

As stated on social media site X, Hrkalović, who is suspected of collaborating with organised crime groups, filed a total of 11 lawsuits against journalists of various media outlets, as well as against the editor of KRIK.