Editor of local portal beaten

October 15, 2018

An unknown assailant has attacked Zeljko Matorčević, editor-in-chief of portal Žig Info from Grocka (a Belgrade suburb), hitting him in the head and face several times. The attacker previously spent some time following Matorčević.

The attack left Matorčević with a broken cheekbone, which led to him having to undergo surgery on Friday.

He didn’t want to speculate on who attacked him and why, but he noted that he didn’t see any other reason than his engagement in journalism.

According to a report of this portal, the case was reported to the police in Kaluđerica, which forwarded the report of the attack to prosecution services.

In the database listing attacks, pressure and threats against journalists, which is maintained by the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia, this is the 62ndincident since the start of this year.