Dogs maul journalist to death

January 16, 2023

Belgrade-based journalist and analyst Vladan Radosavljević (62) succumbed on 4th January after being attacked by dogs in a village on Mount Kosmaj, close to Belgrade.

The basic court in Mladenovac ordered that Violeta M be remanded into custody for up to 30 days on suspicion of not securing the cage containing the dogs in Velika Ivanča on 4th January, with the dogs later that same day leaving the yard and attacking Radosavljević and his wife, who also sustained serious injuries as a result of the attack.

Radosavljević worked at Studio B, the Belgrade Media Centre and Production Group Mreža. He also served as editor-in-chief of Vršac-based Television Banat, after which he collaborated with Television Šabac until the year 2020.