Foto: Emir Mehović (CC 3.0)

Director of local television attacked

August 31, 2020

The director of local television company Sandžak TV, Salahudin Fetić, and his associate, Asmir Bihorac, were attacked in Novi Pazar by Adis Murić and Vladimir Kljajić, according to a report by Sandžak Press.

According to Fetić’s testimony, Murić attacked him verbally, while Kljajić threatened him with violence while holding a gun that he was carrying in a bag.

According to media reports, Murić and Kljajić were previously known to police both in the country and abroad. Kljajić earlier directed death threats towards Bihorac via social networks, leading to a lawsuit being filed against him.

Fetić was also attacked by a local businessman during August.