Foto: Wesley Tingey, Unsplash

Company close to the authorities sues at least 11 media outlets, seeking huge damages

April 15, 2021

According to the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS), company Millennium Team, which is performing works on some of Serbia’s largest state construction projects (including the Belgrade Waterfront project), has filed lawsuits against at least 11 local and national media outlets for publishing information provided at a press conference of the opposition People’s Party.

The lawsuits came without the Millennium team having previously requested any retractions, nor the publishing of its responses and the correcting of certain information. Each media is being asked to pay an average of 100,000 euros per published article in the name of non-pecuniary losses, according to NUNS. This journalists’ association considers that such astronomical amounts represent pressure exerted over the media.

Among the media outlets being sued are local portals JUGpress and Info Vranjske, which are facing demands to pay damages totalling 300,000 euros, as well as several media companies owned by United Media (daily newspaper Danas, TV N1, Newsmax Adria and the portal).