Charge against unknown person for harassing TV N1 journalist

May 31, 2020

A criminal charge has been filed with the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade against an as-yet-unnamed person due to the harassing of TV N1 journalist Dušan Mlađenović.

According to the journalist’s testimony, an unknown man approached him on the street and verbally attacked him on several occasions, even in the presence of a young child.

The verbal attacks and insults targetted the fact that Mlađenović works for TV N1, which takes a critical approach to the authorities in Serbia and which the unknown attacker dubbed “American treacherous television”.

Cable television channel N1 and its journalists are often exposed to verbal attacks and threats in response to their reporting, and it isn’t only citizens participating in these verbals assaults, but rather also state officials. Politicians at one point persistently labelled N1 as “American” and “CIA television” – both due to its collaboration with CNN (affiliate station) and due to the fact that the head of N1’s parent company was for a time former CIA director David Petraeus.