Campaign of false accusations against investigative portal KRIK

July 31, 2019

Following investigative journalism portal KRIK’s ( publishing of a story that Predrag Mali, brother of Finance Minister Siniša Mali, used an apartment and vehicle of company ‘Milenijum Tim’ [Millennium Team], which is engaged on numerous state projects, including the controversial Belgrade Waterfront project, journalists of this portal have been accused by tabloids, but also politicians and public figures, of following and harassing Predrag Mali’s common-law wife and their child.

As evidence of these “claims”, pro-government tabloid newspaper Srpski telegraf published footage that allegedly shows a KRIK journalist following Mali’s partner in front of the building in which she lives.

KRIK denied that the footage showed a journalist of the portal, but they confirmed that they visited the building where Predrag Mali lives, though they didn’t talk to his partner or follow her.

Although Srpski telegraf stated explicitly that the individual in question was a KRIK journalist, the tabloid’s editor, Milan Lađević, admitted in a guest appearance on TV Pink that they didn’t know for certain that it was a KRIK journalist, though he added that the newspaper would disclose the individual’s identity within 24 hours,

Not only did this not happen even after several days, but rather police director Vladimir Rebić had to announce a reward of 500,000 dinars (around 4,000 euros) for information enabling the identifying of the man suspected of endangering the safety of the family of the finance minister.

Journalists’ associations have stood in defence of the KRIK journalists and editorial department.