BIA director joins trend of suing independent media outlets

May 17, 2021

The director of Serbia’s Security-Information Agency (BIA), Bratislav Gašić, has sued investigative journalism portal KRIK over its report from the public trial of suspected criminal Zoran ‘Jotka’ Jotić, which included the release of details of wiretapped conversations in which the BIA director is mentioned.

The BIA director claims that this article caused him to experience mental and physical anguish, which can be settled with compensation of half a million dinars, while he also stated that the court should “let the media know that boundaries exist and must be respected”.

Belgrade-based company Millennium Team recently sued several media outlets, all of which are critical of the authorities, demanding hundreds of thousands of euros in damages over the publishing of reports from the press conference of an opposition party that accused Millennium Team of corruption.