Ballistics expert claims journalist Milan Jovanović didn’t shoot on the night his house was set aflame

October 15, 2020

In the continuation of the trial of those accused of setting fire to the house of journalist Milan Jovanović in 2018, ballistics expert Miloš Popečni rejected speculation that a bullet found in the yard of Jovanović’s house after the arson attack on the house was fired from a weapon by Jovanović. The expert told the court that the bullet was “activated by the effects of the fire”, while Milan Jovanović produced a document showing that he has not possessed any firearms for several decades.

The defence team of the accused, which includes Dragoljub Simonović, a former president of the Belgrade suburban municipality of Grocka, unsuccessfully sought the dismissal of the prosecutor, whom they accused of illegally obtaining the confession of the second accused defendant, Vladimir Mihailović, a former police officer who prosecutors accuse of organising the attack on the journalist at the orders of Simonović.