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Article protecting minors from violence in reality shows removed from law at the behest of TV Pink

November 16, 2023

Without the knowledge of the media community and the working group that prepared the Law on Electronic Media, the state has removed a provision for this law linked to the protection of minors and human dignity as they relate to the broadcasting of reality shows.

TV Pink, which is known for its reality shows, complained about the regulating of reality shows in such a way during public discussions on the law, but its appeal was rejected. However, the article protecting minors against violence in reality show programming was ultimately omitted from the law, which was carried out through an amendment that was pushed by an SNS MP during a late-night session of the Committee for Culture and Information, without its contents being read.

The legal regulating of this area is entrusted to the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media, which has become infamous for its reactions to inappropriate content in reality shows.

Best testifying to the official stance on the newly adopted Law on Electronic Media is the fact that TV Pink broadcast a show containing content expressly forbidden by the new law just four days after its adoption.

The Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation filed a report with the Regulatory Body against TV Pink over violations of the law.