Arrested for Threatening “Mental Exertion” Presenter

October 1, 2019

Almost a month after receiving a report on a threat issued via social media, police arrested Z.J. (39) from Belgrade on suspicion of committing the criminal act of endangering the safety of Darko Mitrović, journalist of television company Nova S and presenter of the show “Mentalno razgibavanje” [Mental Exertion].

The arrested individual is suspected of having made the threat through social media networks, and after being apprehended by police it was determined, in accordance with the filed criminal charge, that Z.J. be detained by the Special Department for High-Tech Crime of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade.

Mitrović stated earlier for Cenzolovka that he believed that the same person, with a hidden identity, had twice sent him messages containing threats, such as “we’ll meet in darkness”.

He reported the first message to the Serbian Interior Ministry’s High-Tech Crime Unit, along with certain information he possessed about the identity of the person who made the threat. After receiving the second threatening message, sent ten days later, he sought to add to his report and inquire about what was going on with the investigation, but no one answered his calls to the police.