Arrested for gruesome threats against a journalist on Twitter

December 31, 2019

A Serbian man has been arrested, while a warrant has been issued for the arrest of another man, a citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina, on suspicion that they threatened journalist Tatjana Vojtehovski via Twitter.

Vojtehovski and her daughter have been subjected to a series of threats on Twitter, being threatened, among other things, that they will be murdered and raped if they don’t cease discussing the anti-government protests that have been going on in Belgrade for the last several weeks.

Vojtehovski, author of popular shows on national television channel TV Prva, told Cenzolovka that she has so far filed four criminal charges in response to death threats on Twitter, and that she has received information that the police arrested one person in May, though she doesn’t know whether that person has since been processed.

She says that she receives offensive messages on Twitter on an every day basis, sometimes receiving three threats daily. “Sometimes there are up to three threats per day, and then nothing for weeks or months. There’s usually a trigger for a threat to be issued – for example, the last trigger was Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić stating on some television channel that I do everything against the state, so the threats via Twitter began that same evening,” said Vojtehovski.