Another suspended sentence for journalist threats

March 15, 2019

Threats directed against Anita Đukić, editor of local Jagodina-based portal Infocentral and correspondent of national television companies TV Prva and TV O2, have led to a suspended sentenced for Jagodina local Jovan Grujić.

Charges of endangering the security of this journalist while she was working on a journalism task saw Grujić sentenced by the court to an eight-month prison term suspended for two years. The prosecution also sought a suspended sentence.

Đukić was attacked last August while reporting. Her camera was snatched from her by Grujić, who told her and a friend who was with her that they would burn together with their car.

Đukić regularly receives threats in response to her articles and has submitted at least eight reports of threats to police over the last four years.

A court in Belgrade previously also issued a suspended sentence and subsequently released Branko Tomić from Majdanpek in response to death and rape threats that he directed, via Twitter, towards TV Prva journalist Tatjana Vojtehovski and her daughter.