Another member of research portal’s editorial board has apartment burgled

November 15, 2020

The apartment of Anđela Mitrović, manager of social networks for investigative journalism portal KRIK – the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, has been burgled. This is the third case of a member of the KRIK editorial department having their home burgled – it previously also happened to other women from the newsroom: journalists Dragana Pećo and Milica Vojinović, but police have yet to solve any of these cases.

KRIK publishes research on crime and connections between crime and politics, which is why it is often attacked via pro-government media outlets. The KRIK editorial department has a total staff of 15, so it turns out that every fifth member of the newsroom has had their apartment broken into.

The burglary of the apartment was condemned by the Association of Journalists of Serbia and organisation Reporters Without Borders.