Anonymous Internet “heroes” Threaten Journalists Again

December 31, 2020

The authors of the TV Nova S show “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, Marko Vidojković and Nenad Kulačin, have been told by an unknown person on Instagram “There’ll be a requiem for you when Vučić catches you”. The authors of the show say that they consider the threat as being very serious due to the mentioning of the name of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

On the website of Niš-based regional portal Južne vesti, commentators expressed wishes for the journalists to experienced the “savage rape of their children by migrants” and “hanging with a public broadcast”. The threats came from the same address and continued even after the editorial office reported them to the police.

In the meantime, police managed to arrest a man who is suspected of issuing recent threats via Twitter against Milica Šarić, editor-in-chief of the Centre for Investigative Reporting of Serbia.