Photo: Podrinske

“Wanted Poster” for chief editor of weekly Podrinske

December 17, 2021

Makeshift ‘Wanted’ posters have appeared at multiple locations in the city of Šabac displaying the full name and an image of the Podrinske weekly’s editor-in-chief Isidora Kovačević. Dubbing her the “media patron of thugs”, the poster offers the “reward” of “peaceful sleep for the people of Šabac”.

Conflict erupted in Šabac during an environmental protest held a few weeks ago in response to two laws adopted in the National Assembly of Serbia, with the unrest resulting in clashes among those present. Serbia’s ruling party and protesters accused each other of provoking the conflict.

In response to the appearance of the posters, the Podrinske editorial board called on all state institutions, primarily the police and the prosecution service, to react urgently, stating that it is “completely clear that the life of this young journalist has now been seriously endangered”.

The Coalition for Media Freedom and the ‘Three Freedoms’ platform most strongly condemned the targeting of the local Podrinske newspaper and its editor-in-chief, demanding that the perpetrators and instigators be identified urgently.

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS) also protested the public targeting of Kovačević. UNS is seeking that the police determine who stands behind these wanted flyers/posters that were distributed around Šabac by unknown persons.